Fun Things to Do In Mexico

Posted on 17 November 2018 (0)

Mexico has a plethora of things to offer to anyone who decides to visit with the ultimate goal of having a lot of fun. From discovering some ancient Mayan ruins to hopping to the white sand beaches, Mexico still has so much more to offer. I know a person who is a travel lover and is basically from Maxico. I met him at Vancouver roofing contractors office and upon my request he told me that with a coastline of 5000 miles, Spanish towns from the colonial era, a vast underwater cave system, and 67 national parks, Mexico is among one of the most beautiful countries in the globe.

The most fun generating activities in Mexico include enjoying the most popular dish in Mexico known as churros, having a picnic at Chapultepec, paying a visit at the pyramid of the Sun and splashing at the Xcaret Park. For a travel enthusiast, Mexico has archeological zone to visit in Cancun as well as the pristine beaches of Playa Del Carmen.

The effervescent biosphere of Sian Ka’an and the large temples in Palenque make every visitor to be in awe and wishing they could stay in Mexico for a more extended period. Do not wonder what you can do in Mexico because the list is endless. The sites you can explore areas listed below.

  1. Splash and have a blast at Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park is located at the Riviera Maya, and it is privately owned. Discovering the facts concerning this ecological treasure and splashing in all the pools within this theme park are the most exciting things that one can do when visiting Mexico. It has some popular attractions that include Coral reef aquarium, jungle trail, Mayan cemetery, Mayan ruins, and underground rivers, the museum of culture and anthropology and mushroom farm among others. It’s one place that you cannot afford to miss when you’re in Mexico.

  1. Visiting the Cliff top castle of Tulum

Tulum is one among the best sites one can visit in México. It is exciting for those who are interested in studying archeology. It is located 130 kilometers from Cancun city and overlooks the Caribbean Sea. The factor that makes it unique is its cliff-top castle, ruins dating back from the Mayan post-classic period, watchtower and the beautiful green vegetation at the coast.

  1. Participate in aquatic sports at Xel-Ha Park

Xel-Ha Park is located in Quintana Roo, Mexico and it’s a fantastic park with an aquatic theme. It’s the perfect destination for families. Enjoying the various aquatic sports with kids is the most popular fun thing to do when at the park. Xel-Ha means where the water is born in Mayan.

The park also offers its visitors an array of attractions like river tour, fishing, cliff jumping, snorkeling, cave tour, balancing, zip lining, swimming and swinging to mention just a few. Other interesting points include gardens, a floating bridge and jungle trails.

There you have it. You now have various spots in Mexico that you can sample and enjoy holiday. Pack and set off for your fun filled holiday.